The Following People Are In need Of Prayer

Updated 12/12/2008


Ed Armstrong
UPDATE 7/21/09

NEW 11/17/2009

Matt Arends
NEW 05/14/2009

Chris Beger's Dad
New 10/23/2008

Mike Bortner
NEW 05/14/2009

Don Chandlers Son

Frank Cristao's Daughter

Patty Darrah

NEW 12/18/2007

Rino DeBellis
NEW 05/14/2009

Dave Dennison
NEW 12/12/2008

Betty Jo Dickson
UPDATE 12/27/2007

Mike Gentry
NEW 11/29/2007

Joe Gorhrman
NEW 02/23/2008

Ron Hanley
NEW 02/11/2008

Dave Hartranft

Jeri Hilst
UPDATED 03/06/2008

Marty Hoover


Lloyd Jett

Brenda Keel
NEW 12/05/2007

Dave Keyeck
UPDATED 12/12/2008

Tom Kondrat
NEW 08/02/2009

Sue Kuchman
NEW 01/04/2008

Lois Lawson
NEW 03/09/2008

Henrik and Erin London

LC Loving
NEW 05/21/2009

Larry Moellman
UPDATE 03/05/2008

Kurt Mundens

Vern Myers

Sister Mary and Brother Joe Peak
NEW 04/22/2008

Larry Phillips

Barb Presley
NEW 02/23/2008

James Rankin
NEW 08/28/2009

Floyd Roberts
NEW 01/07/2008

Dan Ross

Larry Ross's Wife
NEW 12/12/2008

Emily Shelton

NEW 08/26/2009

Andy Tindal

Karen Vandivier

John Vandivier & his Son
NEW 08/22/2008
UPDATE 01/21/2009

Kim Witte
NEW 03/05/2008

Jeremy Woods
NEW 11/29/2007