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Prayers are needed: These is Kurt Mundens niece's husband

We are on the roller coaster ride again. Jeff had a ct scan done on tuesday and also a heart scan. Doc called Thurs. pm, good news, bad news, good news is Heart is ok, bad news He has had a relapse while on the current chemo. He has a new spot and also lymph glands are swollen again. Tho rare, this can happen. they want to do a biopsy on the spot to determine exactly what it is(different cancer or ?? Also are scheduling the pet scan for this comming week, that will show any other "hot" spots he may have, as the ct scan was only from waist down. Also has an appt with the oncologist at UNM on Tues. to get his take on everything. Jeff;s dr. is recommending another form of Chemo called I.C.E. in combination with a stem cell transplant. This new Chemo will be a lot worse on him, It is given over 2 days (mostly in Hospital setting) and will make him sick and very fatique d., and He is recommending that they go out of state for this and the stem cell transplant. Not for sure but think they will probably recommend MD Anderson in Houston. We should know more soon, as dr.'s say it is urgent that he get treatment asap. Don;t know how many Chemo treatments will be done or when or when stem cell but should know something this comming week. Needless to say everyone has been devasted by this latest bad news, but we all just have to take it one day at a time, try to think positive, and do alot of praying! Tyler & Kaila know and are dealing with it as best they can just like Trish and Jeff and the rest of the families, just wanted you all to know, will keep you posted as we know either by phone or email, yesterday was a lost day to us, but we are better today so I could write. Keep them in Your prayers. Love to all Jeanne