The Following Person Is In need Of Prayer


Gabby Talkington
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Dr. had good news today for Jeff. He is very pleased with everything. He was surpirsed that the swelling in his leg was gone, but happy. He has consulted with dr. at UNM and they both agree to the treatment Jeff is getting, and feel his prognosis for remisssion is very good. He is scheduled for Chemo on Friday ( 6hrs) then in a couple of weeks before his next chemo they are going to do another ct scan, dr. measured jeff and knows the tumor has already shrunk so after this chemo wants a scan and thinks it will show more of the bone marrow and bone that was kindof blocked by the tumor outside of the bone. His platlets were way up, the red and white cells are fine, chemo will destroy some of them but they give him neulasta and procrit in injections wihich build them up again. All in all Very good news. Also they think he will only need 4 or 5 chemo's but will give him the 6 anyway so the chance of relapse is even smaller. ! Anyway, just wanted to give all of you the good news and thank you again for all your prayers, cause that is what is helping. so please keep it up ! Love you all, Jeanne