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On Saturday afternoon our daughter Leah was involved in a car accident. She was hit head on bu someone trying to turn left in front of her while she was traveling 60 mph. She had a 5 hour surgery to fix her right ankle and right wrist. Well today Leah got moved to Marian Joy which is a rehab hospital in Wheaton. Jill my wife went there and followed the ambulance( to bad Jack my grandson wasn't there to enjoy that),Marian Joy is a renowned facility for getting people back on their feet. We don't know anything right now,she will be there for atleast 2-3 weeks. Jill is going back to work on Monday, we don't have any idea what next week looks like, with Leah at Marian Joy , the visiting hours are very limited like maybe an hour or so, we'll find out more when Jill gets home this evening. We are very tired and very emotionally drained. About Leah's injuries , her right ankle was reconstructed plates and rods , as was her right wrist and forearm,again a plate and rods,she has a contusion on the back of her head , and a badly cut knee, but her beautiful face is perfect,thank you God. Everything is very up in the air with very little know future, but we trust all is in God's hands. They have contacted acouple lawyers to find out what can be expected. Thanks for all the prayers they will really help,talk to you soon,

Thank you God for all our friends
Jill and Frank