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Health update on Dave Dennison, owner of Angler's Attic. Last December Dave fell thru the floor of a basement stairway at work. He tore his rotorcuff and injured his back. He had shoulder surgery in June to fix his shoulder but it didn't go well. It left him with perminent Nerve damage in his right arm. Since that time he's been in a Great deal of pain. The doctors went to address his back injuries and found several leasions on his spinal cord. Upon further MRI's of his head, neck and back more leasions were found. Dave also had been developing numbness in both legs and feet and his left hand. He has now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As if that's not Bad enough last Friday he found out he has Type 2 Diabetes and High Blood pressure. Thankfully they can be treated with medication. He asked me to write this update for him because he can no longer type or hold a pencil. He wanted everyone to know he hasn't fallen off the face of the Earth and hope's to resume his Angler s Attic consignment business after his back surgery. I'll keep you posted on his progress. Dave asks that you don't email or call him as he spends most of his time seeing doctors or resting in bed. Thanks Joe for the board.

Best Regards, Craig.
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