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2004 World Record Game Fishes; Freshwater, Saltwater, and Flyfishing 2004

M10001. 2004
                              The Evolution of Billfish Flies
                              Curt Gowdy Stories
                              In pursuit of Pirarucu
                              Inshore Championship
                              Fishing for Bluefin Tuna in the Bahamas
                              Tiger sharks fly high in Key West
                              Offshore Championship
                              Guinea-Bissau record Tarpon
                              Jr.Angler World Championship
                              The wetlands

2005 World Record Game Fishes; Freshwater, Saltwater, and Flyfishing  2005

M10002.  2005
                              Cabo Blanco
                              From silk lines, Silver spoons, & Bamboo
                              A new Theory on hooking permit
                              The IWFA comes of age
                              Anglers at war
                              Thailand's Fatastical Fishes
                              Ghana's Behemoth tuna

Coleman 1996 Confidential Price List 1996

M10003. 1996

Coleman 1996 1996 Outdoor Products Catalog 1996

M10004. 1996

Fishing Tackle Retailer; The Business Magazine of the Sportfishing Industry

M10005.  2004 25 6 July
                              Independent Retailer of the year Mark Whitlock
                              Buyers are upbeat about 3rd quarter
                              gearing up for the big show
                              Fishing in the classroom
                              Seas at Stake U.S.commission major changes
                              Columbia's Spring Salmon seasoncormorants most hated bird in angling

M10006. 2004 25  7
                              August All About the Fly Show
                              What's hot where
                              Dealer show calendar
                              Fly Tackle Trends-Industry Update

M10007. 2004 25 8  September
                               New Products '05 Lures, Terminal Tackle & Storage
                              The Solid-Water market
                              ICAST Awards: Who Won?
                              2 Quarter Sales Report

M10008. 2004 25 9 October
                               4th quarter buying trends
                               The king of Crayfish
                               What's hot where
                               Small companies big ideas

M10009. 2004 25 10  November
                               New Products '05 Fly Fishing Gear
                               Unlikely success
                               What's in in inshore
                               Hurricane effects
                               Mayfly Phenomenon

M10010. 2004 25 11 December
                               2005 Buyer's Guide,The guide for retail buyers
                               3rd quarter sales trends
                               New Marine Electronics
                               Teach Fishing boost sales
                               Wholesalers Directory
                               Products Directory
                               Brand names Directory
                               Teaching for Profits

M10012. 2005 26 1 January
                               Why a guy named Tom owns Al & Bob's
                               1st Quarter buying plans
                               New Year, New Gear-Gender
                               Bender Bass

M10013. 2005 26 2 February
                               Retailing from A to Zeiner's
                               Sturgeon Revival
                               How to Protect Profits
                               New Apparel & Footwear
                               The Year of Fishing Line
                               Northern Favorites,Walleye, Muskie & Pike

M10014. 2005 26 3  March
                               The Bass Market's Top Tackle Trends
                               Shape up your SKU's
                               Dealers hit the shows
                               What's hot where

M10015. 2005 26 4 April
                               Hot Trends in Soft Baits
                               2nd Quarter Buying Trends
                               To Hire or Not to Hire
                               EFTTEX Show Preview, Warsaw, Poland
                               Boating theme for new marketing Campaign

M10016. 2005 26 5 May-June
                              The Wild Side of Retailing
                              1st quarter sales
                               Steelhead Alley
                               Terminal Trends
                               Dams and Fish,Western Salmon

M10017. 2005 26 6 July
                               ICAST Trade Show Issue
                               For-the-Record Tackle
                               What Women Want
                               In fishing tackle
                               Mercury Chronicles
                               The Saugeye State (Ohio)

M10018. 2005 26 7 August
                               Customer is King at Western Rivers Flyfisher
                               Trade Show in Europe
                               Wisconsin's Muskies
                               The loss of a legend
                               Fly Show Preview

International Angler

M10019. 1996 58 5 September-October
                               4 Species added to Record list
                               Public Endorses World Fishing Center Campaign
                               Guy Harvey IGFA Featured Artist for Auction Banguet
                               World Records
                               Did You Know? Date of first art work depicting angling w/a pole-2000B.C.

M10020. 2000 62 1 Jaunuary-February
                               Anglers Close out the Millennium by setting 567 world Records in '99
                               Fihsing hall of fame ceremonty
                               ICCAT's Plan to save Swordfish "weak"
                               Swedish event opens
                              ITOC Inshore Qualifying
                              Did You Know? Date the first Marlin(striped, 125lbs) was caught on rod and reel-1903

M10021. 2000 62 3 May-June
                               World Champions in Spotlight at Rolex/IGFA Hawaii Event
                               IGFA introduces "certified captain" program
                               "Infinity" team wins Barta Blue Marlin Classic
                               Did You Know? Average number of commercial fishermen killed annually from 1992 to 1996?- One out of every 716

M10022. 2000 62 5 September-October
                               IGFA Rules Available
                               Rolex/IGFA Inshore Campionship
                               Prize List for January 2001
                               Conservationists cheer three longline closures
                               Did You Know? Number of endangered monk seals entangled in nets in 1999 - 22

M10023. 2001 63 6 November-December
                               Guy Harvey Named "Artist of Year"
                               Marlin "King" Alfred Glassell leads legends into IGFA Fishing Hall of Fame
                               IGFA chooses Mercury for "Offical Outboard Motor"
                               Aero Mexico selected as official Airline for offshore championship
                               Qualifying results, offshore winners, inshore winners
                               Did You Know? Amount spent in U.S. annually on flies - $92 million

M10024. 2004 66 2  March-April
                               20th Anniversary Auction
                               Fishing Hall of Fame selects 5 new members for Induction in 2004
                               Did You Know? Length of time blue and white Marlin have been overfished in the Atlantic - 30 years +

M10025. 2004 66 3 May-June
                               Atlantic Coast Grand Slam Clubs
                               World Record Achievement Awards Ceremony
                               6 Species added to record list
                               Did You Know? Average age that boys start fishing - 6.8 years (girls - 9.8 years)

M10026. 2004 66 5 September-October
                               Trustees Elect New Board member
                               Second annual Mercury/IGFA Angler world championshiop
                               R.Martin & A.Mll to Emcee Hall of Fame Induction
                               Did You Know? Amount of tuna consumed annually in Japan - up to 507,000 metric tons

M10027. 2004 66 6 November-December
                               21st Annual Internation Banquet
                               IGFA Representatives converge in Hawaii to discuss Global Initiatives                              
Did You Know? World's most venomous fish - Stonefish

M10028. 2005 67 1 Jaunuary-February
                               6th Annual Fishing Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
                               "Bass Boss" Tours the Troops
                               Did You Know? Percent of young striped bass sucked into power plants on Hudson River, NY 40%

M10029. 2005 67 4 July-August
                               Stephen Sloan IGFA Trustee Conservationist
                               New Tourney Record 503 Marlin Releases
                               Did You Know? U.S. Fly fishing retail sales in 1998 - $572 Million

International Auction and Banquet; International game Fish Association

M10030. 2002 -  -  February
                               The International Game fish Association's 18th Annual International Auction & Banquet Friday February 1st, 2002,Trustees, conditions, listing

International Fishing Journal; Written for Fishermen by Fishermen 2001-2002

M10031. -  -  2001
                               Fly Fish Inn,Ascension Bay
                               New Caledonia Bonefish & giant Trevally
                               Alaska Dream Lodge,variety of fish in alaska
                               Karluk River, fishing Kodiak Island
                               Canada, Lake Quesnel, Mitchell River, Quebec, Labrador
                               Ireland,new look new ideas
                               Fall River Lodge, California Trout
                               Bahamas, Ragged Island

Marlin; The International Sportfishing Magazine

M10032. 2005 24 3 April-May
                               Grand Encounter,Guy Harvey film crew tags a 1,200-Lb. Black
                               Make your own lures,a step-by-step guide
                               Stewart Campbell, the World's Best Marlin Angler?
                               Unspoiled Mozambique, A Pristine Marlin fishery awaits
                               Are Swordfish fully recovered?,NOAA thinks they are
                               Big Iron:Check out the latest in heavy-Tackle reels

M10033. 2005 24 4 June-July
                               Let'em Go Alive,how to release large fish safely
                               A Northeast Slam,Is within your reach
                               Pulling Lures Hawaiian Style,10 questions with Bomboy
                               Breaking News:Tag a Giant's Bluefin Tuna update

M10034. 2005 24 5 August-September
                               Bass & Billfish, What we know about bass can make you a better Marlin Fisherman
                               The IGFA Championship,How you can be a part of Angling History
                               The Dream Team,Capt.Chip Shafer & angler Nick Smith Find common ground on a Pacific Quest
                               Angling 101:two Revealing articles help hone your skills

Long Island Decoy Collectors Association; Newsletter

M10035. 2001 - - August-September

Sport Fishing: The Magazine of SaltWater Fishing

M10036. 2004 19 5 May
                              Frantic Fishing Tortugas, shrimp-boat buffet
                              The Bank is Back, Northeast's Resurgent Bottomfish
                              Tuna Tactics, How California Pros take Bluefin
                              Hot to fish the rocks for Redfish
                              5 Tips rigging & technique
                              Use science to Increase your catch

M10037. 2004 19 6 June
                              Catch More Off Shore
                              Boost your odds w/Better Teaser tactics
                              Try tricks & take Tuna on top
                              Sizzling sport for hot summer nights,discover action on Florida Reefs
                              Battle Brutal Bull Reds in N.C.
                              5 Tips rigging & Technique
                              You won't believe wht Billfish really eat

M10038. 2004 19 7 July-August
                              9 Best Spots to catch monster Redfish
                              Exclusive National Guide, top spot in each state,Seasons,Rigs, Guides and more
                              Release'em right,tricks ensure Billfish survival
                              Florida's Summer Snook, secrets for Dog-Day success
                              Discovered:New big-game grounds
                              Southern Australia's Port Stephens
                              5 Tips rigging & Technique-circle Hooks for Blue-Water Pelagics

M10039. 2004 19 8 September-October
                              Line to Leader,use the right knot,11 top knots, step-by-step illustrations
                              Insight & tricks from Skippers
                              Live-Baiting Massive Marlin
                              How to Bridle Big Baits Learn from the pros
                              Reel-Bearing inflation are More Better?
                              Southeast Fall Special
                              6 Tips Rigging & Technique
                              Sport Fishing Bush & Kerry speak to Anglers

M10040. 2004 19 9 November-December
                              The World's Greatest Grander Grounds Where
                              When and How to catch 1,000lb Marlin
                              Global Guide,10 top spots
                              Catch Miami's Exotic Reef Fish
                              Are Anglers to Blame for depleting fish stocks?
                              Take'em on top, maryland's Late-Season Stripes
                              British Virgins
                              5 Tips, Rigging & Technique
                              How to fine-tune your dropback

M10041. 2005 20 6 June
                              Secrets for Blue-Water Success
                              How 6 experts around the US and beyond deploy Lures, Baits & Teasers
                              Strategies to target multiple species
                              Detailed Illustrations and Rigging tips
                              Mysterious 120-LB.LouvarExtreme Jigging
                              Wonders of Wahoo, New look at Mackerel

M10042. 2005 20 7 July-August
                              Blue-Water Sharks Light Tackle Tactics
                              Secrets of the Splice-mono to Dacron
                              Survive the Savage Sea
                              Which Seabirds will lead you to fish
                              10 Surefire ways to lose that trophy fish-How-To-Do-It

M10043. 2005 20 8 September-October
                              Chesapeake Bay Find the Treasure at the Tunnel
                              Keep your live Baits Alive
                              Gulf's Mysterious Blue Holes
                              World's Hottest Action for Monster Yellowfin
                              Costa Rica's Rio Colorado-Teeming w/Tarpon
                              Meet Florida's forgotten Mackerel
                              Hooks will improe Plastic-Bait Success

The Splash: The Offical Publication of the National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame

M10044. 1999 23 3 September
                              Heaviset Northern Pike 1971, 36lbs,8 oz.
                              5th Annual Walleye Tourney-Kids' fish-0-Rama-set