This Page Has Some Of My Indiana Style Reel Collection

I Will Be adding More Of My Collection As Time Will Allow

A Pair of KIEST Reel Tins

Here Are Three Different Version Of The Marc Indiana Style Reel

Some Boyer Winona Reels

Here Are Some Heddon Winona Reels

A Heddon Winona Box Top

Older Heddon Winona Box Top and Sides

The Rare Heddon Winona No 30 and Box

A Safety Reel and Box

A Couple of Rare Shakespeare Hoosier Reels


A Pekin Reel

A Go-ite Box Top

Go-ite Box Top style 2

Go-ite Box Top style 3

Go-ite Box Top for a De luxe Model

A Few Go-ite Reels

Go-ite Rod Holder box

Unknown Maker Indiana Style Reels

Miscellaneous Indiana Style Reels

How To Page For Heddon Winona Reels

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