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FILE         Author                                Title                                      Publication Date             Pages


1.    Bates, Jr.Joseph D.        Spinning for American Game Fish,                        1947                 247  

Trout waters and how to fish them

2.    Bates, Jr.Joseph D.,        Trout Waters and How to Fish Them,                   1949                316

3.     Bergman, Ray                          Fresh Water Bass,                                    1942                  436  

4.     Black's Sporting Directories         Black's 1996 Fly Fishing,                         1996           200
The complete angler's guide to equiment,insgtruction and destinations

5.     Brooks, Joe                  Complete Book of Fly Fishing,Fishing,                  1968              404
An Ourdoor Life Book

6.     Camp, Raymond R.         The Fireside Book of Fishing,                               1959             500
A Selection from the Great Literature of Angling

7.     Dower,Walter and Trueblood, Ted         Trout Trouble,                             1948             90
And other Trouble

8.    Frazer, Perry D.            Amateur Rodmaking,                                             1946           220  

9.     Gresham, Grits        Complete Book of Bass Fishing,                                  1966           264
The Freshwater Bass-Habits and Habitat-Reading the water-Finding the FishTechniques-Tackle-Cleaning and Cooking an outdoor life book

10.        Henkin, Harmon            Fly Tackle,                                                       1976            240
A Guide to the Tools of the Trade

11.    Homel, Dan         Old Fishing Tackle and Collectibles,                               1995            95
History,Identification & Valuation Guide to Rods Reels.Plugs and Lures Fly Fishing Creels Nets Ephemera Lines & Hooks Bobbers Books

12.     Knopf, Alfred A.        The American Sportsman Treasury,                        1971           252  

13.    Koller, Larry         The Treasury of Angling ,                                            1971           251  

14.    Livingston, A.D.         Advanced Bass Tackle and Boats,                           1975          240  

15.    Livingston, A.D.        Fly-Rodding for Bass,                                              1976          203  

16.     McDonald, John        The Origins of Angling,                                            1957          273  

17.    Moore, W.E.        Mount Your Own Fish Trophies,                                   1975          79
A Profusely Illustrated Guide with Step-by-Step Instruction

18.    Moss, Frank T.        Modern Saltwater Fishing Tackle,                               1976          322  

19.    Munger, Albert J.       Those Old Fishing Reels by,                                     1982           120  

20.    Netherton, Cliff        History of The Sport of Casting,                                1981        385
People, Events, Records, Tackle and Literature Early Times

21.     Orvis, Charles F.       Fishing with the Fly,                                                1989         325  

22.    Osten, Earl        Tournament Fly and Bait Casting,                                   1946           147
Basic principles of techniques, tackle specifications, casting organizations-The only complete Book on a fast growing American Sport

23.    Pfeiffer, C. Boyd        Tackle Craft,                                                          1974          338
The art of making,maintaining, and repairirng,your own rods,plugs,spinners,bucktails,nets,sinkers,and much other fishing

24.        Quick, Jim        Fishing the Nymph,                                                    1960           139
A complete guide to fishing with artificial nymphs fly fisherman's newest approach to taking more trout

25.    Reece, Maynard        Fish and Fishing,                                                   1963         224  

26.     Steel, Frank R.        Fly Fishing,                                                          1946         194
For Trout, Salmon, Bass, & Panfish

27.     Sturgis, William Bayard        Fly-Tying,                                                1940        254  

28.     Thiffault, Mark        The Illustrated Guide to Better Fishing,                MCMXC       256  

29.    Thommen, George V.        Spinning Reels & Tackle,                    1949        72
Basic principles of techniques, tackle specifications, casting organizations-All the latest information about spinning techniques and equipment

30.    Bill Wallace        Fly Fishing Digest,                                                     1949           256
Learn to Fly cast-fly Patterns-new methods fresh water fish-old myths exploded-best spots in US CA AKA-Equipment-tie own flies