Heddons Winonas Came With A Block
So They Could Fit All
Model Of Fishing Poles

First You Remove The Four Screws
That Hold The Foot On

Then You Line Up The Holes
{It Only Fits One Way}
On The Block

Then Attach The Foot On The Block With
The Four Longer Screws That Came With The Reel

With The Heddon Winonas You Can change
The Line Capacity Of The reel
First Remove All 16 Screws,8 Posts And Two Handles
Then Choose How Much line You Need
{Closer To The Rim The Less Line You Could Spool On The Reel}
Once You Know How Much Line You Need
Put All 16 Screw,8 Posts And Two Handles Back On
Tools Needed
Screw Driver And Needle Nose Pliers
{Wrap Tape Around Tips On The Needle Nose Pliers}
It Helps To Know Your Cuss Words
And Have Hour Or Two To Change
The Line Capacity Of The reel

Holds Up To 450 Feet Of 50 lb.Test Metal Line

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