This Page Has Some Of My Indiana Style Reel Collection

I Will Be adding More Of My Collection As Time Will Allow
I Would Like To Put Up A Page For Other Collectors To Display
Thier Indiana Reels
Send Me You Your Reel Pictures And I Will Scan Them And Add Them To The Indiana Reel Collector Page Which I Will Build.

A Pair of KIEST Reel Tins

Here Are Three Different Version Of The Marc Indiana Style Reel

Some Boyer Winona Reels

Here Are Some Heddon Winona Reels

A Heddon Winona Box Top

Older Heddon Winona Box Top and Sides

The Rare Heddon Winona No 30 and Box

A Safety Reel and Box

A Couple of Rare Shakespeare Hoosier Reels


A Pekin Reel

A Go-ite Box Top

Go-ite Box Top style 2

Go-ite Box Top style 3

Go-ite Box Top for a De luxe Model

A Few Go-ite Reels

Go-ite Rod Holder box

Unknown Maker Indiana Style Reels

Miscellaneous Indiana Style Reels

How To Page For Heddon Winona Reels

Here Are Some Of Jim Schottenham's Indiana Style Reels

Here Are Some Of Randy Nelson's Indiana Style Reels

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