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My wife Priscilla's Beer and Alcohol Lure Collection

Old Cabin Still Brand
Was found in a South Bend box which was in a
Stitzel-Weller Distillery shipping box
Believed South Bend made this lure for a
very limited promotion of the Whiskey brand

Jamison made three different wooden lure beer bottles and box
All three are very hard to find. The Lone Star is very tuff

The Perfect Lure Comes With a Bottle Opener

Two different Cooks Beer lures

Here are a couple very tuff beer lures

A Schmidts beer popper and a Millstream Brewing Co. popper

New in the box Budweiser Growler

New in the box a Schlitz spoon

Budweiser talking frog new in package

Gooderham & Worts

Some spoons

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