The Nationals is this weekend in Dayton Ohio, I am stuck at home. I'm not pouting too much, we have a few things coming in and bidding on others. I am looking forward to the one in Allentown PA as this is the only one the Reelman can handle right now. We are hoping to have new Glass Lures and the Reelman and the Glass Man are still working on new ideas. Have you heard about the Glass Lures? They are made from 100% Pyrex Crystal, they are hand blown by Ed Hammond the Glass Man from Troy, PA. His shop/house is just in Troy and he does all the work himself. Right now he has a couple of "students" that he is training the reelman being one of them, I think the reelman is just up there to have fun. Some of his items are, hard to identify. Ed,is in say his 40's, and has studied under the Stuben Glass Masters for many years. He was located in the New England States and when his mother got sick he moved his business back to the Troy Area. We had stopped in his shop to see what he had and started talking and Merv had asked if he could do anything and got to talking about lures and Reels. Before long we were running back to the house gathering up some books and a few lures for him to look at as he really wasn't too up on them. It was a few days when we got a call to come up and see the first one. It was astounding really. The Glass hooks fascinated me they moved, and it was made out of all Crystal very beautiful. Then he started doing different ones, experimenting each one being just as or more beautiful than the last one. Well if you get to Allentown you possible might just get to have one yourself.