I am the Reellady, I am a part of one mans scheme to transform a house and home into a Reelhouse. The Reelman collects Antique Fishing Tackle, he specializes in Rod and Reel Combos and the Indiana Style Reels. I specialize in finding the room for the Tackle that he collects. I used to be a normal housewife that occasionally cooked, cleaned house maybe once a week and did dishes when there was no clean plates. The Reelman was disabled due to a job related injury and was home, he did most of the house work but house work wasn't enough for him. He had tried to establish a Rod and Reel Repair business out of the house, but due to Dick's and Walmarts competion there wasn't a chance to make it lucrative. Next step was collecting, he had the time to study the books learn the stuff and soon he was knowledgeable enough to start picking up the things he could find. Antique shopping and rummage sales, flea markets, auctions, I have a feeling we have done it all at least once. I have to admit I wasn't into the Reels as much as the Reelman. I started to fancy the other things out there. I was astounded in the variety out there to actually collect. We got so we are collecting anything to do with fishing from play trucks to Jim Bean Bottles. The Fishing Collectors World is a great place to visit the array of Reels and Lures displayed in such a magnificent manner is overwhelming We live in an old farm house, 9 rooms and 2 kids, you would think there was enough room for everyone. WRONG! I have heard recently about some collectors are only allowed one room in the house, Reelman has the whole house, never seen anything like it. He has Reels, Reels in boxes, Reels in show cases, Reels on shelves, Reels on the walls, and parts reels all over the place. What does a wife do? They wonder why I drink. That certainly explains the Jim Bean Collection of their fish bottles. Bottoms up.
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